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FFMA Blog - June 2010, by Tony Terranova

June will be remembered as the month that our students were inspired by Master Sken's masterclass on the 16th. Master Sken is a true martial artist in that he has the martial warrior spirit and the faultless understanding of the art and what it means to be a complete martial artist. See our website new stuff for an article on the masterclass by Mark Woodard.

Mark Woodard’s (Mark1) & Mark (Mark2) Collet sessions


In June's BJJ Mark 2 continued to focus on the Blue Belt syllabus in preparation for John's rescheduled visit in September. Escapes were high on the agenda as it is JBW's philosophy that if you can get out of a worse case scenario then you always have a chance to win the match. Some future star students are beginning to shine as a result of consistent focus and effort. Tavion Lewis, Roger Gilbert, James Lloyd and Nick Ostheimer are all becoming more elusive to tapping out. We also have some keen new BJJ followers such as Pete, Deri, Richard Lannen and Dave Belcher.


In the MMA the 2 Marks continued with the mix of boxing, clinch, takedowns, ground and pound and submissions. Mark 1 demonstrated the effectiveness of knees in the clinch and Mark 2 worked on a series of submissions from side control. Clinch entry was also covered and it was emphasized that the student should maintain the shell guard until a contact point is made on the opponent before moving for position and takedown.

Mixing striking with the positioning and transitioning of BJJ and wrestling is a high skill level required for success in MMA. Some of the best examples in the UFC are BJ Penn and Anderson Silva. They are masters at this, both being black belts in BJJ and competent strikers stood up and on the ground. They are also good examples of humble, non-trash talking athletes. All Martial skills can take time to acquire but like anything in life, if you focus on something enough with the right attitude and patience you can achieve your goal.

Tony Terranova, Joe Viall and Tim Coppin sessions

Kickboxing & Combat conditioning

We integrate our combat conditioning into the kickboxing classes making them a combined functional fitness and skill training session. We focused on the following:

• Combat Fitness and endurance using timed training rounds

• Boxing and Muay Thai combinations adapted for MMA

• Technical training on variations of evading, covering and blocking kicks and countering

• Sparring including boxing; kickboxing and defense and counter sharp drills

During May, June and July several students are being graded; Chris Davis, Esther Smith, Chris Burger, Roger Gilbert, Tave Lewis, Rhi Stevenson, Matt Viall, Ben Constantine and many others. Keep up the good work and you will be awarded your respective gradings during the month of July.

Emma Terranova - Ladies boxing-fitness classes

These classes are focused on cardio fitness and boxing and popular with the ladies. Joe and I have been periodically taking these classes when Emma can't get back from University. Emma is a very dedicated coach always encouraging and supporting students with several of them now starting to attend the kickboxing classes.

FFMA training system/coaching apprentice (coach mentoring):

See website new stuff section for further information on this subject. We have received an excellent response to this from our students (12 have applied) and we will be holding interviews over the next 2 months. The apprenticeship term will start on the 1st of August 2010.

John B Will masterclass and BJJ syllabus gradings

: John has planned to visit us on the 22nd of September 2010 further information on times and venue will be posted in coming months on our website.

FFMA weekly 7.00am Saturday Morning 26kg back pack boot camp hill walk

This is a simple training system that takes about 90 minutes and you get an all round work out consisting of; endurance, strength and cardio with a variety of core fitness routines thrown in. We have many members and new comers are welcome. All you need is a good back pack with a 25kg bag of sand strongly sealed with heavy dustbin liners and tape. For the ladies we advise that a maximum weight of 15kg be used and that you start with only 5kg and work your way up to 15kg. James Lloyd has just joined us well done mate. We have recently been using rice bags as striking pads as part of the training for special restrictive punching drills up the hills combined with the back pack. After doing this session normal punching seems easy.

Words from the coach’s corner

We are now half way through 2010 and we continue to learn as we go along on how to improve our service to members. This is our fourth year in business. Looking into the future and winding our movie forward, it is our intention once we have larger premises to offer the following services:

• Continually matted area for BJJ/grappling

• Cage for MMA sparring

• Kickboxing area which will also be used for combat conditioning; ladies boxing fitness and Martial Yoga classes

• Weights section using the Fusion Fitness concepts that we are continually developing and testing in my garage. Fusion Fitness utilizes specially designed equipment such as 75mm diameter barbells (to develop a strong grip) and integrated exercises giving you an all round body work out in a short space of time (24 minutes!).

Thank you all for training at FFMA and as always we welcome any constructive feedback about our class sessions and any other FFMA related subject matters. Please feel free to contact any of the coaches or send us an email.

Tony T

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